Please call 911 first, then us. Examples are fire, theft, vandalism. Burst water line, gas leak, major water leak, etc. Call us anytime and we’ll respond immediately!

Rental & Website Contacts

Please use our e-mail form for rental inquiries, showings, non-emergency maintenance requests, website issues, and internet outages.

Internet Out? Check the internet status page to see if we are aware of the outage.

Rental Inquiries
Want to schedule a showing? Try our new Schedule a Showing online form.

You can always give us a call at (262) 949-2390 if you prefer. 

Office Address
212 South Second Street
Whitewater, WI 53190

Mailing Address
HSI Rentals
P.O. Box 126
Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190

Maintenance (Emergencies Only, please use email form)
(262) 949-2390

Utilities Contacts

Gas/Electric (We Energies)
(800) 242-9137

Water (City of Whitewater)
(262) 473-0580

Cable/Internet (Charter)
(877) 906-9121