Tenant Info


A lease is a binding contract between you and your room mates and HSI Rentals, L.L.C. This is something that is enforceable in a court of law. Do not take signing a lease lightly – read the fine print.

Deposits and Rent

It’s easy to get your deposit back. To ensure that your deposit is refunded, pay your rent when it’s due, clean the property well before you leave and don’t damage any part of the residence.

Rent Due Dates

  • Leases starting September 1: Rent is due August 1 and December 1 of the same year.
  • Leases starting July 1: Rent is due June 1 and December 1 of the same year
  • Summer rent is included in your first payment

Rent Payment Methods

Rent can be paid in cash, cashiers check, automatic withdrawal (ACH), or out-of-town check with proper I.D. There is a $50 fee for returned checks or insufficient funds.

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

If your power is suddenly not working, it is very likely that you “tripped” the circuit breaker, which is a very common issue. This video will walk you though the process step-by-step. 

Click here to view how to reset a circuit breaker.

How to Un-Clog a Toilet

If your toilet is not properly draining, it it likely that it is plugged. Below is a tutorial how to un-clog a toilet.

Click here to view how to un-clog a toilet.


  • Your garbage tote (if you have one) needs to be taken out the night before pickup. Totes must be returned to storage area by the end of the day of pickup or the city may charge you a $25 fine.
  • Please keep the area around your garbage clean. Bugs, rodents and creepy crawlies love crumbs and overflowing garbage. You must take garbage to the dumpster or tote. Don’t throw it outside the back or side door of your building.

General Safety & Maintenance

  • The insurance coverage we carry on our buildings does not cover loss of or damage to your personal belongings. It is your responsibility to carry renter’s insurance to cover your possessions. Our coverage is on the building and will not pay to replace any of your items in the event of fire or flood.
  • Please do not pile items on or around the water heater or the furnace. This is a major fire hazard.
  • Be smart. Don’t use huge nails to hang small things on the walls. Remember, you will pay for damage.
  • Always notify us if any of your faucets or the toilet is leaking or not turning off completely. Water costs money and we want to repair leaks as soon as possible.
  • Close all the storm windows in the winter to minimize drafts. This is not only more economical, but more comfortable for you

Make it a habit to check:

  • The batteries in your smoke alarm frequently. Smoke alarms are useless if their batteries are dead.
  • Your carbon monoxide detector to see that it is plugged in and working properly. Please notify us immediately if it’s beeping, as it could be broken. Carbon monoxide is dangerous!
  • The furnace filter. It should be changed once a month. Take the time to do this, as it will keep the air cleaner and the furnace running efficiently. It will also reduce the dust that lands on your stuff. (And, dust can be more than just an annoyance when it comes to electronics, like computers.)
  • Always lock your doors. It’s just good sense. And, turn on a light at night, too. Theft happens.


  • Parking for visitors, friends, and others is limited to 8 hours.
  • Don’t park on the grass! We keep our properties neat and clean and vehicles on the lawn is not part of that plan. Besides, the city will ticket you!

Smoking and the Outdoors

  • No Smoking in your rental unit. When smoking outside, keep your butts off the ground.
  • Please be careful when using your bbq grill. They’re the number one residential fire starter.


  • If you have internet provided at your building included in your utilities, you can check the internet status at our internet status page to see if we are aware of an outage. 
  • Provided internet access is subject to reasonable restrictions as defined in HSI Rentals Internet Acceptable Use Policy. 

If you have any other questions regarding tenant policies, feel free to contact us.